What the heck does "social" mean?

What a week it was.  Spoke to 60 ministers in Sacramento and had a great time introducing people to social media.  i love it when I see light bulbs come on.  Then I came home and got sick as a dog.  My family started calling me "Grumpy" because I had nothing good to say by Friday.  On Saturday, I got an email from one of the pastors saying he finally got what "social" meant in social media.

That kinda hit me weird.  Then some stuff started making sense.  There is a general hesitance to accept social media in many parts of the world.  My fee are firmly planted on both sides talking with those who are firmly engaged in social media, and with those who still don't want any part of it.  And it all seems to come down to an understanding of the social part.  So for the next week or so, I'm going to discuss the meaning of the term and maybe turn on a few more lightbulbs.  First session starts tomorrow.