Hey, guess what? You can go home again. Just ask Brian Fuller.

Brian Fuller announced yesterday that he is back under the employ of United Business Media and working at EE Times, although not under the position he was before (editor in chief) but as the Products Content Strategist of EE Times Products section.

From the press release; "Fuller will drive product news, information and community and also provide engineers and their marketing teams with the assistance they need to bring products to market more effectively, leveraging the breadth of EE Times' capabilities -- from products to e-learning, news, events, courses, webinars and video."

This is ridiculously good news for the semiconductor industry's marketing wonks, especially those who have come to appreciate and implement social media strategies within their ranks (and there are still damn few of those).  Brian has been on a personal journey into the social world that began at EE Times and their convulsions over whether to stay as a traditional media house or to branch out into other directions.  In that journey he learned what it was like to be a PR hack, an in-house marketing guru, a freelance writer and unemployment.  

He brings back to EE Times a great understanding of how difficult it is to have a vision for communication when most of the industry is still trying to work like it's 1999.

But be prepared. Brian is a very nice guy and will talk pleasantly with you, even if you have not a clue how to communicate your product.  If you are one of those, he will walk away and it will be like the conversation never happened.  Be proactive. pick his brain and listen to what he advises.  You'll be better off