Publication Ping Pong: Ron Wilson rejoins EE Times, Rich Nass goes to Canon

The news popped up yesterday while I was buried in meetings that Ron Wilson has rejoined EE Times from EDN and Rich Nass has moved over to Canon to work on the medical publications.  Ron is taking Rich's place.  That's kind of exciting to me.  Just like old times with editors bouncing between publications rather than getting laid off and disappearing into corporate black holes.  I think it's a good move for EE Times, Canon and the two journalists.  Rich has been leading the charge for new media at UBM for a while and Canon can sure use his experience to get into the 21st century.  And Ron's talents can best be used by the program Paul Miller is setting up over at the EE Times Group.  

Back in about 2005 I was attending a conference in Anaheim and was walking through the lobby of my hotel when I saw Ron Wilson, then of EE Times, and Maury Wright, recently installed as EiC of EDN hunkered down at a restaurant table and looked like they were hoping no one was seeing them.  Maury had just taken over at EDN and things weren't going well at EE Times.  I had a feeling seeing them together.  This was way before I started thinking about moving my state of the media reports to a blog and it would have been big news for me back then.  EDN was on a roll back then, eventually picking up Mike Santarini, Ann Mutschler and a pretty extensive crew.  Reed was even dipping into the social media world with blogs and such.

Now all that was Reed to the electronics world is gone and in the hands of Canon... and everyone that joined in that period but Ann is gone, and she is just on contract.  

We've gone through a really bad patch but I have a feeling that it's starting to turn.