Don't evolve! Legislate or litigate!

The hot weather must be making me cranky.  I'm stewing over the return of competitive litigation over competitive innovation and then I read Bill Schweber's blog over at EE Life about a potential mandate from Congress to put an FM chip in every cell phone.

So I decided to do a little research and found an article on Information Week finding that this non-taxpayer funded bailout of the radio industry and the recording industry. In exchange for bumping up bogus listener numbers to boost ad sales, the NAB is promising to to pay the recording industry $100M annually for broadcasting music. 

If the adage, The road to economic recovery is through innovation" I guess this means that we are recovered since we seem to be moving to an attitude of stopping people from doing something different and making sure the government and the courts are helping us do it.

Really folks, isn't there something better we can be doing right now?