Entering Mirkwood to talk to Venture Capitalists

Starting this week, my live video show on Vpype will be focusing on Investors and Entrepreneurs to talk about the arcane and mystifying process of fund raising for start ups.  It has never been a pleasant experience but it has never been nastier and more frustrating-- for both sides-- as it has in the past 5 years.  There are signs that it may be easing up, but that might just be the eternal optimist in me.  I'm going to find out by venturing into the world of the venture capitalist, live and unedited.

Here's the thing.  I am going to be bound by my subjects schedule.  I'll give as much notice about the broadcast as I can.  It may be a day, ir just a few hours.  There will be archives of the interviews on Vpype and eventually on New Tech Press and right here so you can see what has happened.  if you want to get into the actual discussion, come with questions for the chat room and we'll try to get to them.

First up in the series looks like it's going to be Piers Cooper, currently with Point Bonita Partners but adding something new... and we will talk about that.  Keep alert to Facebook announcements and my Twitter posts.