Heads up! "Looking at Geolocal" is coming soon

I mentioned a few months ago that I've been studying the geolocal scene for a while and I'm about ready to let loose with some of this stuff.  Probably starting next week.  Why now?  Because all this stuff I've been writing about social media for the past 6 years has actually gotten my phone lines ringing this week from companies doing geolocal, measurement and engagement platforms (see yesterday's post/video) from companies wanting my counsel (yay, payday!) and review of their stuff.  Some of this I will be getting some compensation and I will let you know when that is.  But a lot of it will be on my own dime.  In all cases, I intend to be fair and objective as humanly possible.  Nothing is perfect, but parts are excellent.

Why am I telling you this now?  Because I don't have all the answers nor do I know every permutation of this stuff.  So I want comments and suggestions of what to look at.  This is important stuff so let's mix it up.