It's not just the Semi industry that's clueless

I got an invitation to attend a webinar on best practices for Facebook pages from an organization I have often communicated with and considered a good information source.  So I signed up.

That's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Yes, you should provide interesting content on your page.  Yes, you should encourage engagement on your page.  Yes, you should post consistently and often.  Yes, you can do demographic research through the ad services for free.  And all the people on the seminar echoed everything being said on the seminar on the Twitter pages.  It made me want to scream.

The social media industry is becoming as clueless as those industries that claim social media is stupid.  They are patting themselves on the back and cross-selling to their buddies while there is a huge underserved market out there who desperately want to know how to make it relevant to their audiences. 

 It's no longer important to show people how neat it is to be the "mayor" of your local barista shop.  We all know it's neat.  But people want to know why they should care. Friends, social media has leaped the chasm and is now cresting into the long tail.  More than half the United States is engaged in social media, even if they don't know they are.  It's being used to shape new governments in some of the most economically and sociologically backward places in the world. But like the electronics industry has separated itself from its real market (with the exception of Apple), social media is glad-handing themselves into irrelevance.

I dunno.  Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.  Being able to explain why social media is important is starting to turn into a pretty good gig.