My day in social media

 Today I...

  • Helped a young entrepreneur in Qatar refine his executive summary on a social media app designed to help charities raise money. (Linkedin)

  • Conducted a staff meeting (Skype) and reviewed documents and reports with the team in Boston and Austin (Dropbox)

  • Encouraged a young friend in Washington state who was in a sudden moment of crisis. (Facebook)

  • Finished editing a series of videos to help local voters work their way through the California ballot without using divisive campaign rhetoric. (Youtube)

  • Helped someone adjust their security settings on Facebook so she wasn’t blasting everything about her life to everyone on the web. (Facebook)

  • Suggested several candidates for a senior communications executive to a major semiconductor company identify. (

  • Put the early workings together for a fund raising project to help teacher take care of their cars. (

  • Set up a video channel to broadcast my daughter’s wedding to people who cannot attend. (Ustream)

This is pretty much a normal day for me.  I do it all from my home office.

Now, you were telling me that social media is just superficial and a waste of time and that you can operate much more efficiently without it.

(Oh yeah.  I wrote a blog post, too)