Death of Journalism (Part 2): What it means for you


 Last week we looked at how journalism, as we have known it (pretty much free) has died because no one was willing to support it through advertising anymore.  Today we cover what it means for us.

There are two primary issues to be concerned with.  First, as a consumer of content, you will be responsible for the financial support of the media you consume. if you don't want to pay for it, you will be subjected to an unending stream of commercial material created by marketing teams, not actual information. So while the money for that information may come out of a company, you will pay for it by watching advertising 24-7.

If you are willing to pay for it through subscription, you will end up putting out about $500 a year to get a variety of content from specific sources (at $99 a pop).  There wills till be ads surrounding the content, but the content itself will be objective.  However, you will also be enlisted to market for the publication every time you decide to share an article or video, because the people who you share with, if they do not have a subscription, will be asked to sign up to see what you sent.

The second point to understand that those you do subscribe will be identified as the "informed public" and generaly a better choice to reach.  The uninformed masses will be forced to make decisions by whoever pays the most money for the space (kinda like politicians today), but it is the informed public that will be recruited to help.  More on that next week.