Content development: you're probably doing it wrong

Native video ads, which are promotional content made to look like editorial or entertainment content, have been a popular medium for technology companies.  They are often in the form of a video interview of a corporate executive about their wonderful product or service. More often then not they are produced by the company rather than third-party media.

A recent survey, however, showed that 86% of viewers found these video ads misleading. Moreover, 85% found the units either negatively impacted or had no influence on their perception of the brand. 

That’s why Footwasher Media has committed to produce content with editorial integrity. Your product or service is not what your customers care about.  They care about their problems and are looking for practical solutions that may or may not include what you provide.  Moreover, they want to know what your competition says about the same thing, so adding balance to your content (that is, valid competitive benefits) can work more in your favor than against you.

When a customer is making a decision between you and a competitor, they already know that the tradeoffs are fairly equal, no matter what you may think.  If you want to lure someone away from their current source, being honest about the differences can increase your trustworthiness, and that can pull a customer on the fence over to you in spite of weaknesses.

That is a tough lesson for most marketers and C-level execs, which is why trying to do this kind of content with in-house staff can be next to impossible.  You will need an objective provider if you just can’t find the perspective.