First sign of spring: Reorganization at UBM Electronics

This year started out with a lot of activity and it hasn't slowed down.  i haven't had much time to look into the changes over at the UBM Electronics group, though most of you already know that Barb Jorgenson at EBN, and Nic Mokhoff, George Leopold and Sylvie Barack were among those let go just before DesignCon in Santa Clara.  But just a few minutes ago I got the EE Life newsletter with Brian Fuller announcing he was changing hats yet again in UBM and moving into the editor-in-chief position at EBN?

So what happened to former EiC Bolaji Ojo?  No clue.  Could mean he's going to focus more on the fledgling EE Times University.  In the past couple of times I've talked to him, and from others involved in the effort, I know he's been putting a lot of time into that project.  I'm hoping that's the case.

But I'm concerned about the overall product of all three operations, now.  That was a significant shift in resources.  Fuller is under the gun to deliver content and manage the community without Barb (who I understand is getting several offers as we speak) and I'm not sure who is going to step into his previous position.  And the EE Life title seems to be without management altogether.  Is that going away? Looking forward to getting some input from the management side.