A clarification on UBM Canon

Got a call from Rich Nass, brand director of Design News, about an important distinction within the UBM family.  Design News and it's associated conferences are not part of UBM Tech.  Rich works in the division know as UBM Canon, which was originally made up of the print properties that had been purchased a few years ago from Canon Communications, which had acquired the properties from Reed Elsevier, which previously belonged to.... Well, you get the idea, and yes it is hard to keep up with it all.

Anywho... UBM Canon is not out of the print game.  Design News is still very much a print AND online enterprise with a healthy circulation (145,000) and online reach of over 300,000 and a boatload of conferences all dedicated to horizontal design industries including manufacturing, medical devices, packaging, pharma, etc.


Like UBM Tech, UBM Canon considers itself a "community" driven by the input of it's audience.  Rich says 75 percent of the content in Design News print and online is written by the readers.  The remaining 25 percent is produced by the 10-person editorial staff.  Also like UBMl, that staff "doesn't sweat over a story for two months to produce a 3,000 word article," but instead cranks out a series of much smaller articles every day for online and print publication.

So other than the print property, UBM Tech and UBM Canon are much the same philosophically.

Now do you think you have a clear idea what UBM is all about?  Neither do I.  I think I've got these two heads of the Hydra under control.  We'll see.