More changes at EBN online

I'm starting to wonder about how long is going to last.  Brian Fuller was named editor in chief in February and left in April.  I met the new guy at Design West and before I could remember to look for his card to put him in the contact list, I heard today that they've hired someone from CNET to take over.  On top of that, they've cut back their flow of paid blogger content by half, meaning a cut in freelance expenses.  I talked to a couple of them today and they are already looking for other publications to supplement the loss in revenue.

In the meantime comes word that the former EiC Bolaji Ojo is launching a new publication, Electronic Purchasing Strategies, and is actively looking for sponsors for a launch in the fall.  He's joined by another EBN refugee, Barb Jorgenson.

There was time that I thought the new focus on EDN and EBN spelled trouble for the EE Times brand, but it looks like the latter is much stronger.