Engaging Content Tips, Part 4: Ignorance is engagement

Being able to state what you don’t know can be more engaging that what you do know.

We're in the home stretch for this series on creating engaging content.  And here is tip #4...

Embrace Ignorance

Again a bad thing made good. Being able to state what you don’t know can be more engaging that what you do know.  Note I said “state” not demonstrate.  You can take a strong position but still admit it’s only an opinion, welcome people to prove you wrong and then change your mind when they do.  This builds trust and credibility.  

In this blog over the past decade I have made some uncomfortable prognostications about the state of the media and corporate communications.  Many people have disagreed with me and I have never shied away from having others with more knowledge than I show me how I was wrong.  I’ve made this blog a soapbox for a lot of journalists, publishers and marketing people to tell me when I’m wrong, and when I am I fess up.  I also tend to gloat a bit when I'm right (and I'm right a lot of the time.)

My willingness to go out on the ledge of ignorance has made this site fairly popular in the niches of electronics products marketing and B2B journalism.  We currently are read by almost 10,000 people yearly, 2,000 regularly, all over the world.  It’s small, but not bad for a site that does nothing to promote itself.  The numbers, however, aren’t what is important.  What is important is WHO reads it, and those who do represent some of the most important people in journalism.  Unless I was able to admit what I don’t know, I imagine none of them would continue reading.

When you crete content that answers all the questions and never leaves any doubt, you end discussion.  Without discussion you have no engagement.  Leave your audience with questions. Demonstrate what you don't know.  Let them fill in the blanks.  You might learn something.

 I'm going to end this public series here.  The two most important tips are on our secret wisdom trove on the Footwasher Media site.  If you'd like to see them, click on this paragraph and it ill take you to a webform asking for more information about you and to see if we can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently.  Not a requirement, but we'd like to get to know you more.  the link to the trove is there.