Why do you exist?

I've written on this subject before but it bears some repeating.

Explaining what you do, who you are and how you do what you do is not as important as being able to explain why you exist as a company. That seems fairly simple but I find very few companies that can do that well, if at all.

Of course you know why your company exists. You've been eating, sleeping and bathing in the reason for a long time. To you it is fairly obvious now. The problem is, you are not explaining well enough it to the market. Before anyone will care about the who, what and how, you have to explain the why in terms they understand.

We've been working with several companies dealing with this issue. They are not seeing the sales or leads they expected from their program. They blame the sales automation program, or the marketing department or "the stupid customers." In reality, when you take a look at their content, they are ready to work with people who have already bought their product or services, but there is nothing about why potential customers should consider using them, instead of whoever they are using now or someone else.

This sets up a crap-shoot decision for the customer and the vendor only wins if the customer roll a hard eight.

It all boils down to the quality of your content. The moment you decide that the reason you exist is obvious, you are ready to take that first step to insolvency. Focus on the why. Everything else will come out of that.

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