Use of Drones Changing the Real Estate Market

By Joe Basques, Vice President of Footwasher Media

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are increasingly affordable giving them a prominent role in commercial applications in everything from photography to delivery services and even residential real estate. Let’s take a look at how the use of drones is changing real estate marketing, and specifically, how the use of UAVs can benefit both buyers and sellers.  

Getting the big picture

Drone aerial photography can highlight a large property in ways that were previously very complicated to plan and required a great deal of expensive equipment.  They provide a unique perspective of a property as a whole to help entice buyers as well as present a lifestyle.  Aerial photography of a lake, golf club, or even the Texas hill country near a home might be the reason buyers take a second look.  Photos from a UAV can create an emotional connection to a property by telling a bigger story, bringing in more potential buyers.

Drilling down to the nuts and bolts

The use of UAVs not only gives buyers better and more detailed information, but also makes the collection of that information easier and less expensive.  Inspecting roofs, foundations, industrial buildings, etc., can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous task. Why not send a drone to take pictures instead? Autonomous drones let you plan and control the images collected so you can see the home from all angles and distances. Drones can even be flown inside the home using thermal cameras to show how different parts of a building collect and/or shed heat 24 hours a day, identifying areas with inadequate insulation.  This information gives buyers better information and helps the buyer identify needed repairs that can lower the price of ownership.  

An agent’s edge

Agents who are up-to-date with this latest technology provide a source of information that make them unique and more valuable to both sides of the transaction and facilitates quick sales, with higher values and more complete services with unique and modernized approaches.

Those agents, however, need to make the capability known to the market.  If you want to learn how to be more visible to your potential clients, contact us at Footwasher Media.  We can help.

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