IMG giving fits to Nvidia

A few weeks ago I went to the ARM TechCon3, formerly the ARM Developer Conference (Still can’t figure out why they changed the name, now it makes no sense). I went because I was getting a flood of requests for interviews. When I was plowing through the information, none of it really caught my attention, but the PR guy for Imagination Technologies was particularly persistent. When I asked for some details about what we might talk about, he directed me to a couple of web pages with typical marketing blather: lots of unsubstantiated hyperbole, or as the Bard put it “sound and fury signifying nothing.”I decided to go to the conference armed with the marketing crap and start asking questions based on the material and see what would come out of it. I was pleasantly surprised that Peter McGuinness of Imagination Technologies was actually able to answer my questions intelligently and convincingly. He was the only one I met who could. Well done, Peter. I actually learned something. Imagination Technologies supplies IP to large processor companies like TI and Freescale to help them eat away at market share from Nvidia in the handheld market. They seem to be doing well at it. Here's the interview.