Austrian startup to challenge Hollywood hegemony

The Hercules Film Network, based in Vienna, Austria is looking to do to the film industry what Napster did with the music industry, but without stealing content.  Instead, founder and CEO Roman Tolic is looking at taking control of film production, financing and distribution away from the studios and Hollywood executives, and put it in the hands of independent film makers and audiences. (WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE) Tolic has created a social media platform, ready to go live soon, that makes it possible for for everyone involved in producing an independent film to collaborate online, with additional input from audiences who can not only make input regarding what kind of movie they would like to see before the script is finished, but can also participate in financing the film through microinvestment.  This effectively cuts out agents, managers, studios and the financiers that currently run the industry.

Tolic and is company are part of the 12 Entrepreneur Movement birthed out of the Sunnyvale Plugandplay Tech Center.  He's currently back in Austria putting the final touches on his platform and meeting with representatives of the European Commission on funding and promotion