Glogster planting trees in Haiti

Glogster EDU, a social media microblogging company, has joined the Trees for the Future, effort to reforest Haiti, Glogster is donating funds for planting a tree for every premium license purchased. The company has already paid for more than 7,000 trees in the past six months and is well on the way to it's personal goal of 20,000 trees.  Glogster has issued a challenge to the technology world to join them with the goal of planting 1 million trees before then end of 2011. Doochoo, another social media company based in Italy, is the first company to take up the challenge and is donating its services to raise visibility of the effort.

The 22-year-old Trees for the Future focuses on economically challenged areas not just to combat climate change. In Haiti, deforestation has had a direct effect on the spread of cholera, destruction by hurricanes and crop failures. “Almost all of the country’s problems—natural disasters, food shortages, poverty—can be traced back to rampant deforestation,” says Ethan Budiansky, the Caribbean-programs officer at Trees for the Future. Currently, the organization is concentrating on planting thousands of trees in the mountains around Gonaïves.

"Glogster EDU supports the work of Save the Trees,” said Roman Smola, president and CEO of Glogster, “because it fits so closely with our own efforts to reduce the amount of paper used in American schools.”

Glogs, online multimedia posters or graphical microblogs from Glogster EDU, can be used to replace paper posters and portfolios with on-line documents that demonstrate a student’s understanding of subjects. Classes can work collaboratively within classrooms and throughout entire schools with only electronic files. This reduction in paper use saves trees and slashes expenses while simultaneously empowering educators and students with a digital education platform for their knowledge in the form of text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more.

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