Element14 study lists design engineer's "Pain Points"

A new element14 sponsored study entitled "Design with Efficiency: Toward a Streamlined Process for Electronics-Industry Design Engineers" listed the following “pain points” for design engineers as they embark on new projects or incorporate new technologies into their designs: 1. Initial design stages (before prototype assembly and testing) typically require the most time and effort to gather all the necessary information. 2. There’s never enough time to properly utilize every relevant source. 3. Incomplete information is common across relevant sources. 4. Managing customer and vendor relations throughout the design process can be complicated, consuming even more time and resources.

Do you agree or disagree with the items on this list, and, if you agree, would you change the order of the “pain” elements listed?

Finally, are there “pain” elements missing (such as continuously changing design parameters, etc.)

Read the study and let us know what you think