#ARMTechCon Offers up some nuggets of innovation

By Lou CoveyEditorial Director

Trade shows and conferences are becoming exercises in repetition and the loudest participants are generally the ones saying the same things as everyone else.  Once in a while, if you look hard, you can find a couple of products and services you might have missed in the noise.  And New Tech Press found three of them at the ARM TechCon 2014 in Santa Clara, CA this week.

The three companies were Undo, Toradex and Somnium and we stopped to talk to them about their offerings.  Undo, based in Cambridge int he UK, has found a novel way of speeding up the debug process.  Toradex, our of Seattle, Washington, makes a set of single-board computing modules that are very big in the University world,  Finally, Somnium, based in Wales, is in beta testing on software development environment for ARM® Cortex® embedded systems.  Here’s the video: