Coin Guard: Home security for the tech impaired

Home security gadgets are all the rage, fueled in no small part by Dropcam and their competitors.  But video surveillance and smart locks have issues of data storage and hack-ability to deal with that scares most non-techie types.  Pilot Labs, a small OEM wireless product manufacturing company in San Diego, decided to leap into the fray with a product that brings wireless security to the masses who have a hard time figuring out fax machines. Coin Guard, currently awaiting funding through Kickstarter before it becomes widely available, hopefully in time for Christmas, Is a disk about two inches across that the user lays onto of something to protect.  If the disk is moved, it sends an alarm to a mobile phone.  So, if you can download an app to your phone, plug an ethernet cable into a router, and press a button you can have a security system installed in minutes.

We sat down with company co-founder Chris Thomas to get the skinny on the unusual product.  Check it out.