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Me!Box upgrades video platform with 'scary' good features

New Tech Press has been using the video platform from Mebox Media, with great success for more than two years now and we were both concerned and intrigued when they let us know they were making a significant change this year. Would the upgrade be as easy to use? How will it affect the engagement level? And what about that scary new feature that lets you know who is watching? Yeah, that’s part of it.We sat down with CEO Mark Jacobs and COO Ken Fitchler to ask these questions and got some fascinating answers. Here's the interview:

The Digital Divide, Net Neutrality and Badu Networks

Badu Networks, is developing a technology for distribution within the next two years that will dramatically boost the capacity of public Wifi areas, which will make it possible for many to access the internet with little or no cost.  That is important not only for bridging the Digital Divide but also solve part of the problem of net neutrality.  This is the first of a two-part video interview.