Tyndall Institute provides crucial services for EDA

By Lou CoveyEditorial Director, Footwasher Media

When most people think of countries with robust technology industries, they consider China, Japan, Korea, the US, Germany and India. Ireland does not leap to mind. However, Ireland is producing more fast-growing technology startups than any other country in the European Union. The top five and 4 of the top 5 semiconductor firms have a significant presence in Ireland and technology products are 25 percent of the country's exports. Out of all that only 233 of Ireland's 5,500 technology companies are based outside of the country, according to ICT Ireland.

ICT Ireland reported in 2011 that the country has significant skills shortages in a variety of technology areas including manufacturing, engineering, IT project management, and business management skills, meaning the doors are wide open to skilled immigrants.

That reality has created a significant infrastructure, supported by the government and academia, into making native technology companies successful and attracting foreign technology companies to set up shop in the Emerald Isle. One of those organizations is the Tyndall Institute, based in University College Cork.

Tyndall uses its facilities and expertise to support industry and academia internationally to the development of Ireland’s national economy. More than 200 industry partners, customers and several Irish start-up companies have products based on technology originating at Tyndall. In just the area of semiconductor research and design, Tyndall has services related to wafer fabrication, assembly and packaging, re-engineering and failure analysis, IC test and measurement and thermal characterization. Recently, Tyndall sent representatives to the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco to meet with the Electronic Design Automation industry and introduce its services. New Tech Press' editorial director Lou Covey met with Ted O'Shea, the head of Tyndall's Design Technology Evaluation Group to discuss his division's involvement in IP investigation.