Nabto offers development help for their worldwide firewall

Security in the "Internet of Things" is becoming a major issue in embedded, portable device industry and the tiny Danish company of Nabto is helping customers take a step toward securing new devices.  At DesignWest, Nabto was talking about the Nabduino, a Arduino-based development board with their tiny (less than one meg) webserver IP that can place your device behind the corporate firewall...anywhere in the world.  New Tech Press dropped by to chat with them.

Nabto offers small-footprint IP for portable webserver

On my annual visit to the Embedded Systems Conference searching for interesting companies, I found these guys: Nabto.  This Danish company was, in essence, the only interesting company on the exhibit floor, and not just for their technology but for their lack of hyperbole about who they were and what they did.  Bravo.

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