Content is a problem

We have talked to hundreds of companies and agencies principals about content strategy and they all agree...

  • Anyone can create content, but not everyone is good at it
  • It’s less about talent and more about experience
  • It’s less about knowledge and more about empathy
  • It can’t be done by committee, but can be done by conversation

Inexperienced people can create content cheaply, but that content doesn’t necessarily engender trust in their audience, especially when the subject of the content is complex.  Agencies serving the technology world understand the problem better than their clients do, but they can't find the talent, experience, customer empathy and the ability to create the content to do the job. That’s the  content problem.

Footwasher Media the agency that agencies are looking for.

  • We have been producing engaging, trustworthy and ethical content for more than 40 years.
  • We are respected in multiple industries, government, and non-profit markets. 
  • We can work within your client budgets to produce strategies and content for clients that get results.
  • We can even teach your team and clients how to do it better.

In short, we solve the content problem.

We are the agency you have needed. Contact us today.

Video: People are still key to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are foundational to improving your digital marketing ROI, but they are not a magic talisman to sales. You still need expertise and experience to get the results you need.

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Content can build bridges to your market, if you have the knowledge and take the time to do it right. We can help. Contact us for a free evaluation of your program.

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