Pain brings change

What a difference a few months makes. Back in September, I started promoting the concept of New Tech Press and got very polite yeah-good-luck-with-that responses. Since then several media houses followed the way of TechInsights, nee CMP, and drastically cut editorial staff, sold of properties and curtailed coverage of entire industries.

Now, days away from the official launch of New Tech Press, I've been called in to meet with several companies, organizations and even European government agencies regarding the state of the media and what might be done about it.

What's the difference? A new year began and the silence from the technology press scared the crap out of several industries and even several countries.

As I've heard several times, no great change without pain. The potential "pain" of the loss of the media considered last year is now a reality for many technology niches. The good news is there are real industry leaders who looking at and creating new options for reviving the marketplace conversation.

It would have been nice to see it happen a few months ago, but the future looks bright.