The engineer as marketer

Along with the furor over Cadence senior exec turnover, tiny little LogicVision also announced a shakeup.  They dropped their CFO, VP of marketing and VP of operations and replaced them with new beancounters and engineers.

LogicVision has been struggling in the market for almost a decade, primarily because their competition has made a greater investment in marketing than they have.  LogicVision actually has a superior product and one that is uniquely suited to large, complex semiconductor design.  The competition has been squeezing out as much value of old technology as possible, but gets their message out much more effectively than LogicVision ever has.
And every year, LogicVision decides to reduce their effort to communicate with the market, fight holding actions on their remaining market share, and ... replace marketing expertise with engineering.
Can't be done, folks.  The best technology ALWAYS loses to superior marketing,