David Meerman Scott points the way on video

David Meerman Scott is one of my favorite social media gurus because he generally has the proof I need... or will create it... to demonstrate what I keep trying to get across to clients.  He posted a piece last week on video that I just caught up with today that did it again.  The post is about a documentary he did on The Grateful Dead using a very inexpensive camera.  You can see the video on the post.  

Video is a very powerful tool for social media programs, but the power comes from the content, not the technology used to create it.  The skill of the videographer, the editor and the outline (storyboard) developer) are the most important aspects.  But too many organizations and companies I talk to get hung up in getting "The Best" camera available with all the bells and whistles.  The top of the line video editing software, and the most powerful computer for editing.  By the time the assemble all that stuff they find they have little budget left over for the creative portion of the project and end up with something that's little better than an infomercial for K-Tel records.

It is possible today to create compelling content with the video technology in your cell phone, and a $99 editing program.  In fact, if you use your phone, you will probably have enough money left over to hire a professional editor and a content developer (like me) to really make it pop.