Knocking the ball back to Gabe Moretti

Just got Gabe Moretti's email newsletter where he takes me to task for bagging on the EDA industry's lack of marketing acumen.  Always like to know when people disagree with me and Gabe makes some good points.  But there was one that popped out to me:

"Lou repeats the old mantra that EDA companies area really not making the tools that the costumers want, and that should they ever get smart enough to just do that they would become widely profitable. There is nothing farther from the truth than this statement. I agree that EDA could benefit form an injection of capable marketing know how, may be even using social media. We do not need to discover what is needed to take a design to silicon: we have done that for over thirty years as an industry and longer than that as in-house CAD departments."

To which I answer with an old adage, "If you guys are so smart, why ain't you rich?"

I'm off to check out a profitable industry.  C ya.


Just got home to find a big, steaming pile of DeepChip from John Cooley that talks about the acquisition of Azuro by Cadence.  John, no great lover of EDA marketing people, calls it a "fire sale" and describes Azuro as a company that could not market itself properly, in spite of having great technology.  As I was saying...