Breaking: Alix Paultre leaves Advantage for the "dark side"

Just got off the phone with Alix Paultre who has left his editorial director position at Advantage Media (ECN) to take a marketing position at Globetek, a privately held player in the power supply industry.

What makes this an unusual move is that there is no downsizing at Advantage.  Globetek made a direct offer to Paultre, who cut his journalistic teeth on power supplies, "out of the blue," according to Paultre.  Chris Warner, current executive editor, will be taking over Paultre's duties for the time being.

Paultre said this opportunity gives him an opportunity to take what he has learned about the changing media landscape and practices and put them into practice in a growing company.  We can probably expect to see Alix's fingerprints on several social media outreaches for the company.